Kirsten Cohen Photography May 17th, 2021

It’s that time of year! This week, I am celebrating the graduates of 2021, and looking forward to the rising seniors of 2022!

This has been a challenging year for all the current seniors. My graduating senior is looking forward to the fall and getting back to in person learning at the collegiate level. I am so happy that the university she has chosen is requiring vaccines for all students – and that she will get to have the full college experience. But first is saying goodbye to Fairview and celebrating with family and friends!  I’m so thankful that we will get to do that safely!

Looking forward to the class of 2022…Today’s featured rising senior is Declan Karch from Skyline High School.

Declan plays Lacrosse and lots of other sports- and that’s what he’s most excited about for his upcoming senior year. He also likes to play golf and ski.

Declan shared the most challenging thing he has experienced during the pandemic is not being able to see his friends. I am sure he’s not alone and that we all are looking forward to seeing more of each other in person!

I’m currently booking senior portrait sessions – it’s super easy to book directly from my website. I’m looking forward to working with the class of 2022!