Kirsten Cohen Photography May 29th, 2020

The celebration continues! Today’s featured rising senior is Luca Rohl. Luca has a lot to say about her transition to being a senior at Fairview High School here in Boulder, Colorado. I can’t thank her enough for sharing. I continue to be inspired hearing what it’s like to be in this phase of life during this crazy time! I love how Luca continues to focus on all her hopes and dreams for the future.

1. Tell us what you are most excited about for your senior year! What are you looking forward to?
Hopefully being able to have the senior experiences all seniors look forward to. I want to go to football games, dances and fun trips with my friends. I’m also looking forward to see what college I pick.

2. Tell us about your activities, likes, interests.
I like sports, soccer and swim most importantly because I play them. I also do a lot for the girls basketball team at Fairview. I’m a co-leader of Eye to Eye. I love getting out of Boulder and traveling with my friends. I love going camping or on small trips with my friends.

3. What has been the most challenging thing that you have experienced during the Covid 19 pandemic? What has been the most surprising or rewarding thing?
Most challenging thing for me was having my busy life put on pause. During the school year I had sports, work, friends and school. I felt like everything got taken away from me and lost because I didn’t know what to do with all this time I had on my hands. I think the most surprising or rewarding thing to me was being able to take time and focus on me and things that I wanted to touch but couldn’t because of my busy life. I was able to reflect and think about changes to make me happier and living the life I dream of living.