It was so fun to meet a new musician for this week’s feature! I had a great time getting to know Jackie, She’s got such a great outlook that basically radiates good vibes. I can’t wait to see her band live sometime in the future.

This week I’m continuing to spread the word about the newly created Recovery Funds for some our most loved local music venues. The Boulder Theater and Fox Theatre miss live music and they miss YOU! Please consider supporting your local music scene by contributing to their recovery funds. Every little bit goes towards helping ensure these Colorado staples are able to reopen safely, when the time comes.
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Read below for an excerpt from my chat with Jackie:

Kirsten: Please say a few words about any challenges and/or positives about the pandemic and this crazy time as a musician.

Jackie:  The pandemic has changed a lot for Jackie and The Racket. We were touring when the pandemic started and had 60+ gigs on the books in Jan. We have taken the time to write new material, develop our sound, learn new instruments, and start planning our third album. Streaming is not as satisfying as playing to people. Now we want ANYONE to hear our music live. Before the pandemic, we were non stop grinding trying to play large venues and strategizing our moves. Now, we’re like, “we can’t wait to play dive bars!” Live music is a gift that has been taken for granted for so many years. We feel so grateful that we can start playing shows again. We have overall realized how special live music is and what it does for people. I’ll never complain about a stinky van again! I am thankful for the time I haven to spend with my husband and make a beautiful garden. Ace and I never took a break from the grind and now we can spend time together, go hiking, fishing, hot springs and enjoy the brief pause (in retrospect) of trying to, “make it” as musicians. I have also taken this time to get my personal finances in order so I feel better about getting back on the road. The pandemic has changed the way we view life. It’s sacred, beautiful, and fragile. We will never lose sight of that again.